World Cancer Day celebrated at SIUT

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World Cancer Day celebrated at SIUT

Annual World Cancer Day was observed at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) at its Hanifa Suleman Dawood Oncology Center (HSDOC) today; the prime aim to observe the day was to create public awareness about the ailment of cancer and to highlight the preventive and curative side of the disease.

SIUT is one of the country’s most reputed institutions providing comprehensive and modern healthcare facility in the fields of Urology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Transplantation and related Cancers.

Dr Adib Rizvi Director SIUT disclosed that till last year over 5000 urinary bladder cancer patients, 3000 kidney cancers, 2000 prostate cancers and more than 3000 other cancer patients were treated at the department free of cost with dignity. He stressed the need of nationwide awareness and implementation of cancer preventive measures to check this growing menace.

The day long activities at SIUT included Lectures by specialist, educational videos, panel discussions and interviews with cancer survivors in addition to interactive question and answer session.

Dr. Syed Najeeb Naimatullah Medical Oncologist said that the general measures to reduce the risk of cancer include choosing healthy options like quitting smoking, keeping physically active and opting for healthy foods and drinks. He laid stress on the beneficial aspects of preventing, diagnosing and treating the cancer in its initial stages before it manifests as a full blown disease. Cancer screening therefore is mandatory before the appearance of symptoms.

Throwing light on the several possible etiological factors, they mentioned tobacco use, pan, gutka, chhalia, alcohol, malnutrition, environmental pollution, poor socio-economic conditions, obesity, hereditary factors, certain chemicals and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Patients and survivors suffering from different Cancers shared their success stories and the various phases of their treatment. They offered hope for the community at large by stating that with the advent of modern science and technological expertise and early interventions, cancer can be dealt with. They strongly stressed the Government, community, education institutions and media to help in the dissemination of awareness about cancer and also play their role to negate the damaging myths and misconceptions of this disease.

The other notable speakers from SIUT included Ms. Samia Khurram Clinical Dietician, Dr. Babar Malik cancer specialist and Dr. Mansoor Rafique radiation oncologist.