15 06, 2019

4 in 10 children are stunted says National Nutrition Survey 2018


Four in ten under five children are stunted according to the new National Nutrition Survey (NNS), published by the Government of Pakistan today. The survey shows a 4 per cent decrease since the last survey conducted in 2011, and that nearly two out of every ten children under five also suffer from wasting. The survey [...]

15 03, 2019

New Survey Shows Improvement in Maternal and Child Health in Pakistan


Families in Pakistan are getting healthier according to the newly released 2017-18 Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS). The 2017-18 PDHS is the fourth DHS survey conducted in Pakistan since 1990-91. The survey results, released today at a national seminar in Islamabad organized by NIPS, highlight major improvements in child survival and maternal health care, [...]

15 08, 2018

Need to address mental health issues


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi is currently the Dean of JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre), the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, JSMU (Jinnah Sindh Medical University), Chairman of Faculty of Psychiatry, JSMU, Head, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, JPMC, Member of Sindh Mental Health Authority as well as a Member of the Sindh Health [...]

15 07, 2018

Prescribe Generics!


The value that the generic drug industry brings to the U.S. healthcare system is indisputable. Heather Bresch[1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cost of therapy is one of the major reasons for non-compliance with the doctor’s advice by a patient, which results in a poor therapeutic outcome. Using generics could help in reducing cost, minimize the chances of drug-drug [...]

15 06, 2018

Are Standard Therapeutic Guidelines (STGs) needed in Pakistan?


The use of Standard Therapeutic Guidelines (STGs) is a time-tested evidence-based system that works well and improves patients’ therapeutic outcome. Non-compliance with the STGs results in high morbidity and inflated cost. In the USA, non-compliance with STGs costs $100 billion every year. STGs are also called as clinical arrangements, treatment conventions, best-rehearse rules, and organized [...]

15 05, 2018

Moving towards achieving full functional recovery in depression and getting back to pre-depression lifestyle


Addressing the cognitive symptoms of depression that affect attention, memory, executive function and processing speed is key to a full functional recovery to a pre-depression lifestyle. Experts from Canada, the UK and Australia discussed how best to achieve this in a thought-provoking symposium at EPA 2018. A top priority for individuals with major depressive disorder [...]

15 05, 2018

New study to explore Pakistan’s smokeless tobacco blind spot


Smokeless tobacco products are unregulated and untaxed despite being a leading cause of mouth, head and neck cancer in Pakistan Researchers from Aga Khan University have launched a comprehensive study aimed at understanding and addressing the public health risks posed by smokeless tobacco products, which have largely been ignored by policymakers. Unlike cigarettes, smokeless or [...]

15 03, 2018

20,000 children suffer rare blood disorders every year


Core Committee Members and health experts of Lysosomal Storage Disorders have said that an estimated 20,000 children were born with rare blood disorders in Pakistan every year. They have requested President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers and Health Ministers to support the patients of LSDs by providing the funds so that these victims can lead a [...]

15 08, 2014

Ten Years of Tamoxifen Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrences, Improves Survival


For some women with Breast Cancer, taking adjuvant tamoxifen  for 10 years after primary treatment leads to a greater reduction in breast cancer recurrences and deaths than taking the drug for only 5 years, according to the results of a large international clinical trial. The findings from the ATLAS trial—presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium  (SABCS) and published in The [...]

15 07, 2014

Scientists map most important proteins in life and cancer


Scientists reveal the structure of one of the most important and complicated proteins in cell division - a fundamental process in life and the development of cancer in research published in Nature. Images of the gigantic protein in unprecedented detail will transform scientists' understanding of exactly how cells copy their chromosomes and divide, and could reveal [...]

15 02, 2014

Minimal Invasive Surgery moot at SIUT


Leading surgeons from within the country and abroad have stressed the importance of adopting the minimal invasive surgical procedure called “laparoscopy” as it is cost effective, scar free and above all shortest hospital stay in major surgeries. The surgeons expressed their opinion on the opening day of 3-day “Minimal Invasive Surgery Conference" in the field [...]

15 09, 2013

9th Health Asia 2013 Int’l Exhibition & Conferences


9th Health Asia 2013 Int’l Exhibition & Conferences was inaugurated by Zahid Saeed, Former Chairman and Kaiser Waheer, Former Chairman PPMA and MD Indus Pharma, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) and President & CEO, Medisure Laboratories Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Dr. Khursheed Nizam, President, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan and Foreign delegates were also present in this occasion. There are approximately 100 international [...]

15 01, 2013

Experts urge making MNCH national priority


Health Experts, politicians, policy makers and donors have unanimously agreed that maternal, newborn, child health (MNCH) and nutrition should be a national priority.    The group strongly agreed that political parties should include it in their manifestoes and also advocate at their respective regional and national forums. They were speaking at a Seminar on reproductive, maternal, [...]

15 12, 2012

Clinical management of Airway Infections discussed


Abbott Academic Alliance – A division of Abbott Laboratories Pakistan organized a series of Meeting on “Clinical Management of Airway Infections” recently at Karachi Lahore and Islamabad respectively. Prof. Sayed Muhammad Oraby, Professor of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine at Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt was invited as the Keynote speaker. The Meeting was attended [...]

15 12, 2012

New developments to ENT specialty and absorption of new changes stressed


Experts at the 24th National Conference of Pakistan Society of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery (PSORL) called for steps in the introduction of new developments in ENT specialty and absorption of new changes by the practitioners concerned in the country. The 3-day 24th National Conference was jointly organized by PSORL and Dow University of Health [...]