15 06, 2019

No link between vaccination efforts, spread of HIV


The Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (MMIDSP) representing Infectious Diseases and immunization experts, has categorically and unequivocally denied any connection between vaccination efforts and the spread of HIV in Pakistan. Prof. Bushra Jamil, the MMIDSP President and Dean, Infectious Diseases, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) took strong exception to a [...]

15 01, 2019

First kidney transplant centre launched


The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has launched its first kidney transplant centre in Karachi for which an awareness event was organised attended by different nephrologists, dialysis centre managers of Karachi, general physicians and endocrinologists of as well as recently treated patients of the kidney transplant centre. The purpose of the event was to increase [...]

15 09, 2014

Patient Centric Healthcare Initiative


By Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed We know that in an ideal healthcare system, Patients should have access to quality healthcare at an affordable cost. These three prerequisites of a healthcare system are the basic right of every individual. Doctors study medicine to seek, understand and cure patients’ illnesses. Governments and regulatory bodies are continuously seeking to [...]

15 10, 2013

Need of Applied Medical Ethics in Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Sumbul Shamim, Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Principal, Dow College of Pharmacy, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi   “If we believe men have any personal rights at all as human beings, they have an absolute right to such a measure of good health as society, and society alone is able to [...]

15 12, 2012

Clinical management of Airway Infections discussed


Abbott Academic Alliance – A division of Abbott Laboratories Pakistan organized a series of Meeting on “Clinical Management of Airway Infections” recently at Karachi Lahore and Islamabad respectively. Prof. Sayed Muhammad Oraby, Professor of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine at Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt was invited as the Keynote speaker. The Meeting was attended [...]

15 06, 2012

Sanofi Pakistan shares results of Acute Coronary Syndromes Descriptive Study (ACCORD)


To share the key findings from Acute Coronary Syndrome Descriptive Study (ACCORD) and the local data on Clinical Practice of the Management of ACS and use of Anti-platelet agent in Acute Hospital Settings, Sanofi Pakistan organized a Cardiovascular Symposium titled “We take Cardiac Care to Heart” recently at a local hotel in Karachi. The Symposium [...]

15 01, 2012

Phlebotomy – The Face of Laboratory


Muhammad Asim Ansari, Manager Laboratory/Blood Bank, Kulsum International Hospital, Islamabad Medical laboratory technology is one of the most rapidly expanding health care fields. Even the practice of modern medicine would be impractical without the analysis performed in the clinical laboratory. With increasing automation and the use of computer technology, the work of technologists and technicians [...]

15 12, 2011

Collective steps urged to control diabetes


Every year in Pakistan, twelve thousand diabetics suffer the problem of Retinopathy, while more than a hundred patients have to get their foot cut off due to the disease and its related complications. Early diagnosis can prevent the long term complication of diabetes, said leading Diabetelogists at the 3-days Second International Conference on Diabetes held [...]

15 10, 2011

Proper treatment needed for Total Asthma Control


Hundreds of ‘Chest Specialists’ and ‘Young Physicians’ from Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Jhelum, Abbottabad, Swat and Faisalabad participated in the VTC conference broadcast from LNH.  Prof. Kenneth R. Chapman, Director of the ‘Asthma and Airway Center of the University Health Network’ spoke of ‘Asthma Management Practices and the Role of Seretide.’ He emphasised that ‘Inhaled Corticosteroids [...]

15 06, 2011

Clinical data on Cardiovascular and related conditions shared with physicians


In keeping with its practice of sharing key statistics and results of clinical studies with Physicians, Sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited organized a Cardio-Thrombosis Poster Session titled “Heart-to-Heart” recently at its Head office in Karachi. It was attended by a large gathering of leading Physicians, Cardiologists, Diabetologists and Family Physicians from across the country. The event saw [...]