15 03, 2019

Nationwide screening needed to protect newborns from rare diseases – Experts


Under 1 percent of Pakistani newborns are being screened for preventable genetic diseases which can lead to lifelong disability and even mental retardation, said experts at a conference to mark World Rare Disease Day organised by Aga Khan University. Newborn screening for rare diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism, CHT, a disease that limits the production [...]

15 01, 2016

Study shows slow progress on stillbirth prevention globally


Ten countries account for two-thirds of stillbirths with India having the highest number, and Pakistan and Nigeria with the highest rates. More than 2.6 million stillbirths continue to occur globally every year with very slow progress made to tackle this ‘silent problem’. Despite significant reductions in the number of maternal and child deaths, there has [...]

15 07, 2015

Leadership workshop to accelerate reduction of maternal & newborn deaths


Barely two months from now, in September 2015, the Millennium Development Goals will expire and MDGs 4 and 5 – reducing child mortality and improving maternal health – will not be achieved. In an effort to accelerate progress, the Centre for Excellence in Women and Child Health at the Aga Khan University, the Barcelona Institute [...]

15 02, 2014

AKU announces new degree programmes for midwives


The Aga Khan University (AKU) on Monday announced admissions to its various academic programmes, including the recently added Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BScM) – the country´s first higher education midwifery programme. The midwifery programme will prepare its graduates to provide mothers with care through pregnancy, childbirth and post-delivery, besides sharing advice on newborn and [...]

1 01, 2014

Fourth International eHealth Conference held


E-health Association of Pakistan (eHAP) in collaboration with Aman Foundation organized fourth International eHealth Conference in Karachi. The theme of the conference was ‘Potential of Mobile Health (mHealth) in developing countries.’ It was attended by national and international delegates including students, IT professionals, health providers, policy makers and stakeholders. The conference provided an opportunity to [...]

15 05, 2012

Reduction of Preterm Births Can Ensure that Pregnancies go to Full Term


      With 750,000 Preterm Babies Born in the country, Pakistan has fourth highest number of preterm births in the world   Every year some 15 million babies in the world are born too early. More than one million of those babies die shortly after birth; countless others suffer some type of lifelong physical, [...]

15 12, 2011

Pakistan to benefit key interventions aimed at reducing maternal, newborn and child deaths


A new global consensus has been agreed on the key evidence-based interventions that will sharply reduce the 358,000 women who still die each year during pregnancy and childbirth and the 7.6 million children who die before the age of 5, according to an extensive, three-year global study. The study, Essential Interventions, Commodities and Guidelines for Reproductive, [...]