15 06, 2012

Willpower most vital to break free from addiction


Tobacco use is one of the world’s most leading preventable causes of death – yet every year nearly six million people die of tobacco-induced diseases. Alarmingly over 600,000 of these individuals are victims of passive smoking, inhaling the smoke exhaled by a smoker. “All tobacco users, including cigarette and shisha smokers, are far more likely to suffer [...]

15 06, 2012

Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Points to Food and Farming on World Environment Day as Key to Improving Health, Environment, and Equality Worldwide


New book illustrates how food insecurity, malnutrition, obesity, and cultural disconnection plague the global agricultural system and demand solutions from around the world    Worldwide, 30 percent of food is wasted, 1 billion people go to bed hungry each night while another 1 billion suffer from health problems related to obesity, and agriculture contributes to [...]

15 06, 2012

Health Robotics Upgrades its Worldwide Network in Saudi Arabia with Hospital Automation Technology


Health Robotics announced a new marketing and service channel for its world-leading i.v.STATION ONCO, i.v.SOFT, and i.v.STATION products with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-based market leader Hospital Automation Technology (HAT). Health Robotics continues to spearhead the global healthcare industry and persisting on its worldwide quest to provide safe and cost-effective Intravenous Admixture Compounding Automation all over [...]

15 06, 2012

Medication for medullary thyroid cancer in final stage of development


Cabozantinib, a medication for the treatment of medullary thyroid cancer, has shown promising results in final-stage testing. Until now, there was no medication available in Belgium for treating this rare form of thyroid cancer. Dr. Patrick Schöffski, professor of oncology at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), presented the results at the annual meeting of [...]

15 09, 2011

Oncologists recognized by ESMO for outstanding contributions to cancer research and treatment


The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has honored three of Europe’s leading medical oncologists with prestigious awards recognizing their achievements in clinical care and research. “The eminent oncologists we are celebrating with these awards have each made enormous contributions to the care of patients with cancer,” said Prof David Kerr, ESMO President. “We congratulate [...]

16 06, 2011

HPV Infection Highly Prevalent Among Organ Transplant Recipients


A new study published in the American Journal of Transplantation reveals an association between the human papillomavirus (betaPV) infection and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in organ transplant recipients. HPV is known to cause cervical cancer and SCC in the anogenital area and also plays a role in some forms of head and neck cancer. [...]

15 06, 2011

WHO lauds inroads against tobacco, urges full treaty compliance


On World No Tobacco Day (31 May), the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates the successes of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in the fight against the epidemic of tobacco use. At the same time, WHO recognizes that challenges remain for the public health treaty to reach its full potential as the [...]

15 03, 2011

Health Robotics Continues Worldwide Distribution Channel Expansion with Gamida MedEquip Ltd. in Israel


Health Robotics today announced that it recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement for its CytoCare, i.v.STATION, and i.v.SOFT world-leading technologies with Israel-based medical technology leader Gamida MedEquip Ltd. This partnership represents Health Robotics’ market entry into its 17th new country over the past 20 months, persisting on its worldwide quest to pervasively provide safe and [...]

15 03, 2011

Medical Oncology recognized at EU level to allow free movement of doctors


The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the leading professional organization for medical oncology in Europe, proudly announced that medical oncology has been included among the medical specialties covered by Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, as announced today by the Commission. The decision was taken after several years of intense discussion between [...]

15 02, 2011

Health Robotics’ CytoCare® Drives Largest Cancer Robotics Center in the World


Health Robotics today announced the official opening and live operation of the largest Sterile Compounding Center for Oncology patients in the world. Akdeniz University Hospital in Antalya (Turkey) compounds 90% of its 80.000 annual chemotherapy intravenous doses with 4 CytoCare robots and related Health Robotics’ technology, or an average of 325 patient doses per 6-hour [...]

15 02, 2011

Early detection reduce your risk of cancer


Cancer detected early can be treated more effectively and better still, there are strategies to prevent the disease. Awareness, education, screening programmes and best practise treatment can all reduce the risk of dying from cancer was the message from experts at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) Each year, the world over, cancer kills more people [...]