15 03, 2018

Nearly 19 million newborns at risk of brain damage every year due to iodine deficiency


UNICEF and GAIN urge immediate action to increase access to iodized salt amid longstanding evidence on how deficiency reduces cognitive ability   Nearly 19 million babies born globally every year – 14 per cent – are at risk of permanent yet preventable brain damage and reduced cognitive function due to a lack of iodine in [...]

15 07, 2016

World Brain Day 2016 devoted to ageing brain


One in three individuals over the age of 80 suffers from at least one neurological disease – Raising awareness for an underestimated problem – More prevention can mitigate human suffering and economic consequences – “Viewing advanced age as more than just a burden” For this reason, the World Federation of Neurology has decided to devote [...]

15 01, 2016

Larkana Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Radiotherapy (LINAR)


Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission established LINAR as its fifth nuclear medical center at Larkana in year 1978. This Institute is spread over an area of 9.5 acres of land and provides diagnostic and treatment facilities to cancer patients with latest sophisticated medical equipments. LINAR caters for about 25000 (twenty five thousand) patients per year now. [...]

15 06, 2012

Vitamins role in healthy life discussed


Highlighting the importance of vitamin B in the human body, medical experts at a symposium on Thursday said that its deficiency could greatly affect life and cause illness. In its different forms vitamin B could help people manage their weight and ensure proper functioning of immune and nervous systems, the experts said. They said vitamins played [...]

15 08, 2011

Health Education at individual and collective level creates awareness for prevention of diseases – Dr. Khalid Mahmood


Dr. Khalid Mahmood A. Khan is a well known Paediatrician working as an Associate Professor of Paediatrics, National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Karachi. He was recently interviewed by Muhammad Fareed, Publisher & Managing Editor, Medical Review. Following are the excerpts of the Interview. Q – Please tell us something about yourself? Ans [...]