16 01, 2020

Lack of new antibiotics threatens global efforts to contain drug-resistant infections


Declining private investment and lack of innovation in the development of new antibiotics are undermining efforts to combat drug-resistant infections, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Two new reports reveal a weak pipeline for antibiotic agents. The 60 products in development (50 antibiotics and 10 biologics) bring little benefit over existing treatments and very few [...]

15 03, 2019

Increasing drug resistance is limiting the options to treat infections- Moving back towards pre-antibiotic era?


Professor Dr.  Saeed Khan, Department of Pathology, Dow International Medical College,  Dow University of Health Sciences,, When the most groundbreaking discoveries of the 20th century are discussed, it is unanimously agreed upon to consider antibiotics as being one of them. A Scottish scientist named Alexander Fleming introduced us to this miracle at St. [...]

15 12, 2015

Widespread misunderstanding about Antibiotic resistance threatens Public Health


A recent multi-country survey revealed that people are confused about the rising threat of antibiotic resistance to public health and are unclear about how to prevent it from growing, World Health Organization (WHO) said today at the launch of a global campaign at the initiation of the first World Antibiotic Awareness Week. The campaign, ‘Antibiotics: [...]

15 07, 2014

Measles still a menace to society


Prevention is better than Cure” is the crux of the tale shared by a Family who have seen the horrifying effects of the disease    By Azhar Nisar Sheikh, Health Education Officer, Federal EPI Cell “A small insect bite or an ordinary rash on my children gives me a nightmare now” says Muhammad Younis a [...]

1 01, 2014

Not all probiotics are the same – genera, species and strain are important and so is clinical evidence


An exclusive interview with Dr. Flavia Indrio, a researcher and a gastroenterologist visited Pakistan to deliver lectures on the role of Probiotics in gut comfort. Q - Infantile colic is a self-limited condition, in your opinion does this  condition require treatment? Ans - Infantile colic is a clinical self-limiting condition that deserves treatment for many reasons. The most [...]