Speakers stressed to create awareness and educate public to live healthy life

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Speakers stressed to create awareness and educate public to live healthy life

World Health Day is celebrated to commemorate foundation of WHO on 7th April 1948, on this day WHO highlights a forthcoming challenge for the world and all nations to prepare themselves. Life expectancy at birth is increasing globally attributable to decrease in birth and rates, similarly Life expectancy has increased up to 14 years in Pakistan during last fifty years, owing to improved living standards, advancements, control of vaccine preventable and other communicable diseases, on contrary the prevalence of Non-communicable disease is increasing especially in older age groups, said Dr. Babar Alam, WHO Operations Officer Punjab, while addressing to the seminar on World Health Day 2012 organized by Health Education Cell of District Health Department Lahore in collaboration with WHO-Punjab.

He said that during last twenty years, trend of Old Age Homes is mounting, which was non-existent in our society, shows transition in our values and cultural practices. Due to changing Living styles, urbanization, economic deterioration, modernization and industrialization people are moving from joint family system to nuclear family system. The process can’t be stopped due to economic reasons, but this tendency can be slow down by changing social behavior individually and collectively by taking care of old age group people. He also motivated health staff members to create awareness and educate public to live healthy life in any way by adopting habits of physical exercise, balanced diet and quitting use tobacco and tobacco products.

It’s our responsibility to assess the health related problems, and highlight what strategy is to be adopted to reduce health hazards and improving life of people. For this, Health Department has to create awareness at grass root level by training health supervisors, lady health workers and doctors, Dr. Inam Ul Haq, EDO Lahore, said while addressing to the seminar. He also forced to be stick to our moral ethics where older citizens or a grandparent always gets care, love and respect by their family members as our religion teaches the same.

The other speakers while highlighting the importance of good health in old age said that, through balanced diet, exercise or brisk walk, staying involved in family, engaging in age-friendly environment, informing and educating older persons about the wise use of medication, we can help older people not to live long life only, but a quality life could be enjoyed as well.

Dr. Zia ud din, Program Director DHDC, Dr. Naeem Ullah, D.O Headquarter and Dr. Kaleem ur rehman and staff members of Health Department also attended the seminar.