SMIU celebrates its 4th Anniversary

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SMIU celebrates its 4th Anniversary

Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan, Governor of Sindh and Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University has said that Sindh Madressatul Islam University, which is the Alma Mater of founder of Pakistan and its first governor general Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is successfully moving forward with its new character and mission following the ideology of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The achievements of the university will certainly benefit the nation as a whole and the country.

Addressing the 4th Anniversary of Sindh Madressatul Islam University’s grant of charter on Tuesday evening at inner courtyard of the Main Building of SMIU, Governor Sindh said that today he feels honored by visiting the Alma Mater of Founder of Pakistan and consider the SMIU a national institute and national asset, which has been preserved and developed accordingly.

Governor Sindh further said that today our country needs quality universities that can produce experts in all walks of life. To achieve such objectives, generally, universities of Pakistan and specially universities of Sindh must be made quality and result oriented institutes. “It is my wish that our universities should reach to a level that our students prefer to get education from their own universities rather than looking towards foreign universities,” added that the government and he are working on the same line for quality higher education.

Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan congratulated Vice Chancellor, faculty, staff members, students and also the whole nation on completion of four years to SMIU.

Ms. Sharmila Farooqui, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Culture and Tourism has said that Sindh Madressatul Islam University is the place of history that has produced stalwarts of the country. Praising the role of its Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh she said that Dr Shaikh is dedicated, competent and visionary, who has made SMIU a modern university of the county.

Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor SMIU in his speech thanked Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan, Ms Sharmila Farooqui, Mr. Robin Devious and other gusts on their participation in the 4th anniversary of SMIU. He said that during the last four years this newly established university has progressed very fast in many areas. It has hired services mostly of PhD holders for teaching. Due to their efforts the SMIU has received highest category “W” for its quality enhancement from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. He said that SMIU provides conducive atmosphere to its students to enhance their knowledge, learning, leadership qualities and democratic attitude through Student Societies.

Robin Davies, Director of British Council for Sindh and Balochistan said that it was privilege and honour for him to attend the celebration of SMIU. He said that when he had got admission in University of East Anglia of UK his knowledge and understanding had expanded and now when he had come to SMIU, his feelings were also same. He said that he was so impressed with SMIU, and congratulated all on its 4th Anniversary.

Abdul Razzaq Soomro, Veteran lawyer and former ambassador of Pakistan in his speech recalled his memoirs at Sindh Madressah College in 1946 and said that it was pleasure for him that the SMIU had been well preserved. He gave its credit to Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh and hoped that SMIU will become a candle light.

Dr. Suleman Shaikh, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of SZABIST said that Sindh Madressatul Islam University was a historic institution; hence its students must feel pride on it.

Other prominent personalities who attended the ceremony were Director General National Accountability Bureau of Sindh Lt Col (retd) Naeem Siraj, Justice (retd) Hamid Ali Mirza, Justice (retd.) Hazqul Khairi, Advisor to Governor Sindh Mr. Wajahat and others.