Seminar on diabetes at LUMHS

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Seminar on diabetes at LUMHS

People with diabetes need to take an active role in their own care but patients need to be supported by their healthcare system to learn how to self manage effectively and timely access to proper treatment and medical advise is also vital. This was stated by Prof. Noshad Ahmed Shaikh, Vice chancellor of Liaquat University of medical & Health Sciences at a Seminar on Diabetes held recently at LUMHS, Jamshoro.

The Seminar was attended by Seniors Faculty members including Registrar-LUMHS, M. Saleh Rajar, Prof. Salma Shaikh, Prof. Abdul Sattar Memon, Prof. Nazir Ahmed Memon.

He further said that diabetes is a growing pandemic of this century and it has crippled many and is continuing to do so ruthlessly. Diabetes foot problems are caused by changes in blood vessels and nerves that can lead to ulceration and subsequent limb amputation. He said that the daily life of diabetes patients is disrupted by the need to monitor blood glucose levels, take medication, and balance the effect of activity and food .

Prof. Rhys William, the Dean of Medicine Swansea University and Ex Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) briefed about the latest research Oral Hypoglycemic Medication, CVD risk Glycemic goal of therapy and Micro Vascular risk in brief. He said that each year, more than 3 million people die from Diabetes related cause and in the number of Diabetes patients is rising by 180 percent every year in Pakistan.         

He further revealed that Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin, or by the ineffective use of the insulin produced such as deficiency results in increased concentration of glucose in the body’s systems added. He said that the diabetes of adult and childhood and it can strike children of any age including infants and toddles. About exercise, he informed that few patients who are homeless, walking is their typical exercise effort. Patients with foot problems should take precautionary measure such as proper footwear.

Prof. Abdul Samad Shera, Honorary President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and General Secretary of the Diabetes Association of Pakistan shared information on the types and proper control of Diabetes.