Residents of France Colony to get free treatment services

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Residents of France Colony to get free treatment services

Federal Minister National Health Services, Aamer Mehmood Kiani launched free screening, testing and treatment services for the residents of slum area of France Colony in Islamabad.

He expressed these views during his visit to special Free Camp established by the Ministry of Health, Islamabad. On the occasion, he said that the government is cognisant of the risk posed to health of people by hepatitis C and TB including infectious diseases. When these diseases affect the poor, they are pushed into further poverty. Present government is committed to poverty alleviation and focus of our vision in health sector is the poor segment of society. Furthermore, the ministry had already inaugurated a Model Centre for Infectious Diseases Control in Islamabad. The centre is called a model centre because it will be dedicated for screening, testing and treatment of hepatitis C patients with integration of other infectious diseases like Tuberculosis (TB). It has been established in federal government’s Civil Surgeon Dispensary, G-7/3.

He further revealed that it will be an innovative centre because for the first time, the underserved population (of almost 100,000 individuals) living in the slums of ICT will be screened for Hepatitis C and TB at their doorstep and those found positive for hepatitis C and TB will be referred to this centre for free-of-cost testing, treatment and follow up. The centre is equipped with the latest diagnostic machines like GeneXpert and medicines which have more than 95% cure rates with almost no side effects. The idea is to provide good quality testing, treatment and free Health services to the patients under one roof.

The Ministry has launched Sehath Sahulat Programme under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan which will ensure quality free health services to the masses. Special focus is also given to make it a model city for health. In this context, rural health centres and Basic Health Units are being revamped to provide quality services to the residents.