PM&DC & CPSP finally gathered to uplift standard of medical education in Pakistan

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PM&DC & CPSP finally gathered to uplift standard of medical education in Pakistan

After a long time the two big institutions of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and College of Physicians and Surgeons has now esteemed together to promote and uplift the Medical Education in Pakistan.

Prof .Dr. Masood Hameed (President PM&DC) & Prof. Dr. Zafarullah Choudhry (President CPSP) while talking to the media at a dinner organised by Dr. Asim Hussain chancellor Ziauddine University and member PM&DC Council in the Honour of newly elected Council of College of Physician and Surgeons of Pakistan.

Both of the Presidents of PM&DC & CPSP were accompanied by the members of Executive Committee mamers namely Prof .Dr.M .Awais, Prof.Gen. Aslam, Prof.Dr. Azam Yousifani, Prof.Dr. Ghulam Qadir Kazi, Prof.Dr. Umer Ali Khan and the new Council members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSP) Prof. Dr. Zuffarullah chaudhry, Prof.Dr.Asghar Butt, Prof. Maj. Gen. Salman Ali, Prof.M.Shoaib Shafi, Prof.Khalid Masood Gondal, Prof. Rizwana Chaudhry, Prof. Gulam Mujtaba, Maj.Gen. Prof. Dr.Sohail Hafeez , Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, Prof. Muhammad Tayyab, Prof.Aamir Zaman Khan, Prof. Naqibullah, Achakzai, Prof. Nasir Saeed, Waqar Alam jan, Prof.Dr.Rubina Hussain, Prof. Syed Khalid Ahmed. Prof. Abdul Razzak sheikh, Brig. M. Aslam Khan, Prof. Sher Muhmmad Khalid.

Dr. Asim Hussain (PM&DC Council member) while expressing his contentment said that it is was very important for both institutions to contemplate each other on one track to bring enormous improvement in the field of medicine.

President PM&DC while telling the media expressed his concern on the issue where despite increasing no of doctors, Pakistan is facing challenge of far below doctor patient ratio.  He said that we need to produce much more doctor to combat the challenging situation of health in Pakistan, but due to reduced no of post graduate doctors/ specialist who can become teachers to run these medical colleges, Ministry of NHSR&C could not uplift decision of Moratorium on the establishment of new medical colleges.

Prof Zafarullah Choudary while adding to the concern emphasised that CPSP though is the highest esteemed post graduate degree awarding institute but Universities should also encourage doctors to enter into specialised courses to overcome this dearth. He was pleased to have his worthy Council and PM&DC Council together after a long frustrated gap to manage and to provide opportunities to the doctors to enter into post graduate advance studies in medicine/ surgery and allied .

All the members of the Council CPSP and Executive members of PM&DC were ambitious as to join hands and to become troops of one Army to conquer the ongoing battle where general public at large is facing deteriorating health facilities and to support government in facing challenges in health care delivery system all over Pakistan.