PMDC announces date of test for medical, dental colleges

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PMDC announces date of test for medical, dental colleges

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council announced date of holding entry test for all medical and dental colleges in the country.

A statement issued by the PMDC said that the Admission Board of PMDC has announced August 25 for holding the MDCAT entry test across Pakistan for all medical and dental colleges.

It said that for the first time the MDCAT entry test will be held on the same date at all locations in the country in every province and the federal capital. The admitting universities have been directed by the Admissions Board to prepare for holding the entry test on the notified date.

Students appearing for the MDCAT entry test held by any of the admitting universities would be able to rely on the result for admission nationally in any private or public medical and dental colleges pursuant to the merit policy as determined by the Admission Board of the PM&DC, the statement said.

In another first, the Admission Board also decided to set down strict standards to be followed by every admitting university when preparing the MDCAT examination paper in order to standardise the exams in all respects irrespective of where a student takes the exam.

This will enable students to be rated on merit on a national level in a fairly equal manner. Standardisation will include a common syllabus, difficulty rating and indexation.

To set down the standards, the Admission Board has formed a committee headed by a member of the Admission Board and including nominees of each admitting university to meet on 14th June to finalise and notify the standards to be followed by all admitting universities.

In view of amendments to Admissions Regulations 2018 by the Council earlier, it was also announced that weightage of the MDCAT Entry Test and FSC or equivalent qualification result would be 50% each for purposes of calculating merit.

In addition, students who obtain a minimum 60% marks in MDCAT and 70% in FSC and a minimum aggregate of 70% (MDCAT+FSC) would qualify for inclusion in the merit list and for admission subject to merit policy.

The merit policy and methodology will be announced by the Admission Board in due course pursuant to the Admissions Policy as approved by the Council in its meeting held just before Eid.

The Admission Board met on June 10 and in its meeting the vice chancellors of the admitting universities were invited to provide their views.