PMA congratulates Srilanka on Malaria eradication

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PMA congratulates Srilanka on Malaria eradication

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) congratulates the people and the Government of Srilanka for total eradication of malaria from the country, after a prolong struggle. World Health organization {WHO} has declared Srilanka as a Malaria free country. The Srilnakan Government having meager resources has shown that a country can achieve a goal with political will, planning and proper efforts. The achievement was made possible because of mass campaign, against malaria, public education and awareness.

It is shameful for a country like ours, where despite a lot of resources, we are not able to get rid of Infectious Diseases, Polio, Hepatitis B & C, Malaria, Leprosy, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Tuberculosis and Measles. The immunization program of the country is a total failure in all four Provinces and unfortunately the Government has no time to think about the preventive aspect of the disease control. We need a big army of heath workers to fight against the Infectious Disease in cities and far flung rural areas. It seems that our health planners have no interest in eradication of diseases of poor people which is causing great human misery.

PMA believes “IN PREVENTION LIES OUR SALVATION”. Government in all four Provinces, Kashmir, Gilgit Biltistan and Azad elaqa (Independent territories) should follow this slogan. It is time to evaluate and audit the present heath structure, analyze the failure of our health care. Without honest audit it will not be possible to eradicate above mentioned diseases which are responsible for death in our communities.

It should also be noticed that Pakistan is among those few countries where our children are also victim of diseases related to severe malnutrition and hence vulnerable to above mentioned diseases.

PMA and all the doctors of country are ready to help the Government in the war against Malaria and other communicable diseases. It is the right time to follow and learnt from the example of a third world country like Srilanka to bring a change in the society.