Only education could transform country into prosperity – Dr. A. Q Khan

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Only education could transform country into prosperity – Dr. A. Q Khan

Pakistani atomic scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan exhorted the students to work hard for the glory and prosperity for Pakistan. He said only education could transform the country into one of prosperity. He said that while addressing 12th convocation of Iqra University where over 600 students of the classes of 2012 ad 2013 were awarded degrees and gold medals.

He also expressed concerns over the dilemma of brain drain in the country, and held rulers and politicians responsible for this quandary of brain drain.

He advised the students to make specialization in their relevant fields, and said that the greatness of an individual liked with the quality of education, which is linked with the excellence of institution. He also shared all his past experiences with the audience regarding the making of atomic bomb in Pakistan.

He congratulated the graduates and their proud parents. He expressed his gratitude on having been invited to the IU. He praised the esteemed faculty for their endless dedication towards education.

Hunaid Lakhani, Chancellor, Isra University, praised their determination and hard work. “I know the road for you has not been smooth but you persevered. Your parents provided you with this golden opportunity and you lived up to heir hopes” Lakhani said, while complimenting the students on their achievement.

He reminded the students of a grave national dilemma with Pakistan having the unenviable distinction of being home to 50 million totally illiterate people and said that if we really wanted to be a prosperous,progressive society, we would have to accord unfettered attention to education.

Degrees were given away in the disciplines of Business Administration (BBA and MBA), fashion design, textile design, advertising, media studies, merchandising and the various branches of engineering, M Phil ineducation, and a couple of others.

Dr. Isani, Vice Chancellor of Isra University apprised the distinguished guests about the research ranking and PhD faculty that IU proudly possesses. He not only soothed the graduates and their parents by describing brief details of largest ever reported Job Fair 2013 but also assured corporate sector that the university was cognisant of their requirements. He also shed light on university’s achievements in sports.

Later on, Degrees were conferred to the students passing out of various bachelors and masters programmes, ie, Business Administration, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Sciences Fashion, Textile Designing and Media Sciences, among others.