Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute Nawabshah (NORIN)

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Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute Nawabshah (NORIN)

Message by Director

It is my privilege to introduce Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute Nawabshah (NORIN). As we all know that cancer care is complex and costly. The burden on patients and their families can be significant. The sufferings are often both physical and emotional. NORIN Nawabshah is newly established emerging institute, where we believe that Every Person Matters. Our multi-disciplinary teams will provide coordinated and holistic care that is patient-centric. NORIN has a one-stop facility with all essential services under one roof accessible for cancer patients. Efforts have made it possible regarding survival of cancer patients which is greatly improved. NORIN through cancer awareness programs have empowered patients and their families to better cope with their disease. We focus on early access to novel treatments through clinical observations and trials. NORIN is one of 18 Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission entirely dedicated to the treatment of patients with cancer and focused on achieving excellence in clinical care and academic research.

At the end, I am thankful to Chief Minister of Sindh for approval of 40.00 Million for CT-Scan and Brachytherapy. I am also thankful to Sindh Zakat Council for Annual Zakat of 30.00 Million and thanks to philanthropists for assistance for various activities.

Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute Nawabshah – NORIN Cancer Hospital, is situated at 07 km from main city area of Nawabshah at District Shaheed Benazirabad. NORIN Cancer Hospital is 140km from NIMRA Jamshoro and 270km from LINAR Larkana, covering a population density of 3.0 Million approximate consisting on different district i.e. Shaheed Benazirabad, Sanghar, Naushahro Feroze, Dadu and Matiari of Sindh province.

Project was awarded by Government of Pakistan and commenced during 2006-2007. This Institute was formally inaugurated by Dr. Azra Fazal Peechoho, Member of National Assembly, on 17th November 2012.

Brief History

Efforts continued from the day first and till today the Institute is in full functional phase and operating with its Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Radiology departments. The flow of the patients is at its peak and patients are rushing from the area nearby Nawabshah as well as all over Sindh.  NORIN is a ray of hope for the poor cancer patients of this city and adjoining areas, which materialized when project of NORIN was initiated in 2005-2006. Currently, 18 qualified and experienced doctors and scientists are performing their responsibilities. The hospital is equipped with multiple facilities.


The hospital is equipped with multiple facilities i.e. 70 Beds indoor wards, Including General Wards, Semi-Private Wards, Private Wards, Children Ward, Isolation Rooms, Pharmacy, Auditorium Hall, Residential colony, Security Barracks, Hostel, Rest House, Residential Facility for attendants of patients (Aashiana), Children Park, Library, Digital Library , Cancer Patients Welfare Society (CPWS). Nuclear Medicine Department has been equipped with Dual Head Gamma Camera, SPECT-CT Gamma Camera, Stress System for Nuclear Cardiology and Hot Labs. Radiation Oncology department is working with Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Unit, Simulator and Computerized Treatment Planning System. Radiology Department is operational with General purpose X-ray with CR facility, latest ultrasound system with color Doppler facility and Mammography. Laboratories are consisting of Hematology, Biochemistry Analyzer and Radioimmunoassay.  General Service Division is also working at NORIN to facilitate the technical departments.

Scientific Activities

Regular Quality Control Tests of both the installed Gamma Cameras are being done by Health Physics Department. Scientists are available for Quality assurance and illusion of TC99m Generators. RPO is looking after all the matters of Radiation protection of Nuclear Medicine Department. DMRT Trainings/teaching, Rotation of FCPS Students, Morning Meetings, Case Discussions, Presenting papers in different national/international conferences, Saturday lecture for technical staff etc.


Nuclear Medicine

Gamma cameras (Infinia GE & Dual Head Symbia Siemens) and RIA Lab.

Cardiac Scans, thyroid Scans, HIDA Scan, Renal Scan, Bone Scan, Tumor Markers, Thyroid Profile, Sex-Hormones.



Mammography screening and diagnostic mammography.

Chemotherapy I/V, Intrathecal and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Simulation, OPD, General Ward Rounds, Pleural Tapping and Ascitic Tapping.


The department of diagnostic radiology is running with advanced latest machines.

  • CR/DR X-Ray (Chest, Whole body, PNS, Limbs, joints)
  • Mammogram machine (Bilateral Mammography)
  • Digital ultrasound (Abdomen, Pelvis, thyroid, lung, breast)
  • Tru cut biopsy ultrasound guided.
  • Punch biopsy.

Diagnostic Laboratories

Pathology Lab: Hematological and Biochemical Investigations of Blood (CBC, Urea/Creatinine, LFT, Blood Sugar, HbsAg, HCV, Serum Electrolytes, Lipid profile etc.) Urinary Investigations (Urine D/R, 24 hr Creatinine etc.).

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Lab: Thyroid Profile (FT3, FT4, TSH), Tumor Markers (AFP, PSA, CEA, CA-125 & CA 15.3). Hormonal Investigations (B-HCG, LH, FSH & Prolactin).

Analysis of Blood using different Instruments and Techniques.

Quality Control and Maintenance of Analytical Instruments.

Microscopy of Blood and Urine Samples.

Medical Physics

The department equipped with conventional simulator, computerized treatment planning system, cobalt-60 machine, computerized mould cutter and all radiation protection accessories with a complete radiation protection plan. Quality assurance and quality control accessories of Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine modalities are available at the department.


Radiation protection

This department is responsible for radiation safety of patients, general public and assessment of the exposure of the radiation workers. Qualified radiation protection officer is engaged to provide best services, dealing regularity bodies like PNRA and DOS. The available instruments for safety consist of Radiation survey meter and contamination monitor, TLD and Pocket dosimeter, decontamination kit and area monitor. The department is also organizing trainings for the radiation workers. A research paper also submitted in international journal for its publication by this department.

Financial Support

The concerned territory is rural part of Pakistan. Most ratio of patients is belonging to poor families. However, they could not afford treatment expenses. So, under the support, a total number of 2310 poor and needy patients have been treated during last four years (2012-2015), under the heads of zakat funds, Cancer Patients Welfare Fund (CPWS) and Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.

Ongoing teaching & training programs

Post Graduate Students/DMRT Students of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences (PUMHS), Nawabshah are getting training facility from NORIN, under the supervision of senior doctors by conducting regular classes. Efforts are taken to establish proper accredited institutes at NORIN Nawabshah.

Special Training on Radiation Protection has also been organized by HPD for the Radiation Workers.

Awareness Programs

Different workshops/seminars/trainings/awareness programs are being conducted in NORIN Nawabshah from time to time in order to aware the people regarding cancer and its management/treatment. Awareness campaigns are also arranged by Mobile teams of NORIN in the surrounding areas. As well as, stalls conducted in different public events i.e. flower show, University Exhibition Programs etc, where brochures, booklets distributed among general public. Moreover, NORIN also arranged few events like breast cancer programs, world cancer day, No smoking day throughout the years.

Outcome of activities

  • As such campaigns are one of the objectives of NORIN Cancer Hospital, to aware the masses of the area.
  • People rush to NORIN well in time after the diagnosis of cancer.
  • Number of patients has so far been getting cured.
  • Others are under treatment.
  • Doctors and technicians of the other hospitals are taking interests in the operational activities of NORIN


  • Dexa Scan
  • CT Scanner + CT Sim
  • Brachytherapy Unit
  • PCR and ELISA instruments
  • Smooth conversion from 2D to 3DCRT and also the implementation of IMRT and IGRT at NORIN.
  • Plan to implement quality Assurance Program as per ISO Standards and obtain ISO certification thereto.