More than 6.7 m drug users in Pakistan

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More than 6.7 m drug users in Pakistan

Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Beenish Zia while addressing a seminar said that the numbers of drug users have crossed around 6.7 million in Pakistan. The cost of purchase of narcotics every day is Rs.150 due to which the business of drugs purchase in the country has increased. She said these views while addressing a Seminar in connection with International Day against Drug Abuse & Illegal Drugs organized by Business Administration & Social Sixpences Faculty, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.

She was of the view that every year 40 thousands new persons are being added for drug abuse in the country which needs immediate steps to overcome this problem. Among drug addicts peoples 860,000 use heroin regularly while 3.6 percent peoples of our total population are habitual Chars users.

She further informed that 430,000 peoples take heroin with injection out of which 73 percent addicts take their doze through used syringe. 25,000 street children are also drug addicts while 78 percent man and 22 percent women take narcotics. In Punjab 2.9 million peoples and in KPK 10.9 percent persons are drug addicts. She also told that besides Pakistan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand are included among those countries where narcotics is used by a large number of peoples.

She further told that Afghanistan is the biggest narcotics country of the world where after the pull out of Nato forces smuggling of drugs have increase as a result of growing uncertainty there. Person who posses self-confidence, decision making power, assertive skill, stress management, time management and anger management qualities can protect himself to be a drug addicts.