Korean firm donated Ultrasound machines to JPMC

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Korean firm donated Ultrasound machines to JPMC

The Karachi office of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has announced the donation of 3 units of its latest Color Doppler’s Samsung Ultrasound Machines  to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC).

A ceremony in this regard was held which was attended by Korean Consul General, Lee Chang Hee, Samsung Electronics Managing Director, John Park, Patients Aid Foundation Chairman, Mushtaq K Chhapra and other distinguished guests.

“We believe that the ultrasound machines will greatly enhance the capacity of the JPMC to provide quality healthcare facility free of cost to all visiting patients and will particularly further maternal health,” said a statement released on Friday by the Korean Embassy office in Karachi. “Also we highly appreciate the efforts and generosity of Samsung Electronics for donating these state-of-the-art ultrasound machines which we feel will take us a step forward in our efforts to make Pakistan more healthy and prosperous.”

Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Pakistan Dr. Song Jong Hwan is supportive of this initiative and has sent 120 gift hampers for JMPC’s patients from Islamabad.

The Karachi office of the Korean Embassy has expressed its sincere gratitude to the JPMC for providing medical facilities to patients from across Pakistan.  “Moreover, we hope the addition of this facility will further boost Korea and Pakistan’s everlasting relationship, which has steadily advanced since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1983,” said the statement. Samsung is playing a major role in Pakistan in contributing for philanthropic causes. The company has setup primary and secondary schools in Kasur and Faisalabad along with establishing Technical labs; 41 in Punjab and 18 in Sindh.