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Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology Lahore (INMOL)

INMOL is working with mission to improve the health and well-being of the people of Pakistan and the surrounding areas in a way that includes compassion, dedication, and a commitment to quality, while maintaining economic viability having a vision to be the first choice of all stakeholders with a commitment to quality, independence, fiscal integrity, innovation, and collaboration.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is playing a vital role in the health sector by using the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes for serving the ailing humanity all over the country especially in remote and under privileged areas. INMOL is serving under the umbrella of PAEC.

INMOL has set very high standards for its work which is reflected through its ISO certification and its recognition by IAEA as a “Centre of Excellence” as well as a “Referral Centre” amongst the Asian-Pacific countries. The addition of a PET scanner and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) to its repertoire is indicative of its commitment to continue to grow and diversify to keep itself abreast of the latest developments in the field.  . It is indeed a great honor for INMOL that it is the only PAEC cancer hospital which is recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) in five disciplines i.e. Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology. All of this has been achieved through the determination, dedicated work interest, awareness of current research in relevant fields and continuous effort of doctors and scientists and i would like to commend their efforts and wish them continuing success. We are working with current provided facilities comparable to most of the diagnostic and therapeutic centers of developed countries in the field of Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy & Oncology. I hope hardworking will be continued to maintain the position that has been achieved to-date.

Since its inception 1984, it has rendered extremely exemplary services to the ailing humanity through its program for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  It is quite satisfying to turn back the pages of history to see the thousand of smiling faces.  Over the years delivery of quality healthcare service, which is in line with quality Policy of the Organization, has been the focus area at every level.                       

The department of Nuclear medicine of INMOL comprises of Nuclear Medicine and PET sections. In Nuclear Medicine section Single detector SPECT cameras have been replaced by two double head and one single head detector SPECT gamma cameras. These cameras are capable of performing whole body imaging, static scan, dynamic studies and various tomography procedures. Patients visit the department for various procedures including thyroid, bone, renal, cardiac scans and radionuclide therapies. Among other scans Liver, Hepatobiliary, Parathyroid, Iodine-131, MUGA, Cardiac, MIBG, Octreotide, Lung, Mackel’s scan and Gastro-intestinal bleed studies are also performed. Radionuclide therapy with I-131 is a regular service. In addition to all these P-32 therapy for bone palliation and thrombocythemia are offered at the department .Expertise for Lu-177 EDTMP and other radionuclide therapies are also available.

INMOL’s PET section has cyclotron facility for production of 18F and two synthesizers for synthesis of FDG that provides most modern diagnostic services to patients from across the country at subsidized costs.

Quality of radiopharmaceutical products is ensured by scientists of a separate department of INMOL that is” Radiopharmacy & PET Radiochemistry” involved in quality control of radiopharmaceutical kits and in synthesis and Quality Control of FDG prior to be injected to patients.

Radiology department is providing radiological services to INMOL as well as outside patients. These services include whole body ultrasound and color Doppler, X-rays, Mammography, Mobile mammography and X-ray  services, CT scan, CT simulation.

Radiotherapy department is involved in treatment of cancer patients using radiation & chemotherapeutic drugs through indoor & outdoor facilities. Modern radiation therapy machines are being used that include

  • One Linear Accelerator electron beam with IMRT
  • Two Cobalt-60 Teletherapy unit
  • Ir-192 HDR Brachytherapy unit
  • Digital Simulator
  • Brachy vision (Theraplan Plus Treatment Planning System)
    Medical physicists are responsible for quality control and calibration of all equipments.

Clinical Oncology department of INMOL is providing state of the art diagnostic, therapeutic, research and development, teaching and training facilities since 1984.Department consists of outdoor facilities in which clinical oncologists examine patients which are then referred to radiation therapy or INMOL wards for chemotherapy or supportive medicine. Breast cancer awareness programs are frequently arranged for general public. Clinical oncology comprises of radiation oncology, medical oncology and hematology unit. Surgical oncology department is established as part of the ‘Diagnostic and Therapeutic project’ of INMOL. Breast clinic consultations and surgical procedures are performed in fully equipped operation theatres. We have

  • 90 bed wards (male, female)
  • Chemotherapy Bay – 20 beds
  • Leukemia Bay – 12 beds
  • RNT Isolation Rooms – 2
  • Pediatric Hematologic Malignancies (PHM) Unit – 18

Radioimmunoassay Laboratory is providing facility for following tests to the patient referred to INMOL.

  • Thyroid Function Tests ( T3, T4, TSH, FT3, FT4 )
  • Fertility Hormone Tests ( FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesterone , Testosterone , B. hcg, )
  • Serum Tumour Markers ( CEA, AFP, CA-125, PSA, Thyroglobulin, Anti- Thyroglobulin )

Radioimmunoassay Research & Development Laboratory was established with technical assistance of International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) for indigenous production of radioimmunoassay Reagents. Presently RIA R&D Lab is preparing Dried Blood Spot TSH assay Reagents. These Locally produced Reagents are being used for congenital hypothyroidism testing in Newborns. RIA R&D is the only Laboratory in Country providing Congenital Hypothyroidism Dried Blood Spot Reagents Production and Testing Facility.

Clinical biochemistry & Immunology provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological fluids .The lab performs over 127000 tests per year.

  • Hematology analyzer
  • Chemistry analyzer
  • Blood bank & blood products
  • Immulite system
  • Real Time PCR
  • Hepatitis B & C profile, Anti-HCV, HBsAg

INMOL hospital also has its “Patient welfare society” (PWSI) that works with mission to help the lives of the cancer patients medically, socially, economically and psychologically. PWSI provides free medicines to deserving patients and INMOL house is reserved for the travelling patients provided with all necessary facilities with arrangements of breakfast and lunch for patients and their attendants. In ward deserving patients are provided meals and milkshakes and sehr-o- iftar in Ramzan with Eid hampers that are gifted to needy indoor as well as outdoor patients. PWSI also facilitates blood transfusion through the cell separator. Patients are taught various crafts and are paid for their labour.Donations are collected At: Inmol Patients Welfare Society(REGD) New Campus Road, Lahore 54600 P.O. BOX 1314

TEL: 92-42-9231064-68 EXT-2374/5

Medicine/Donation A/C No: 2323-5

Pain Killar/Rehabilitation A/C No: 2323-5

Zakat A/C No: 2688-4

Food A/C No: 2995-2

Leukemia A/C No: 3045-0

Lab A/C No: 6032-6 National Bank of Pakistan, New Muslim Town, Lahore, Pakistan(Branch Code No 1607)

INMOL always  says welcome to respectable guests and carry out necessary arrangements for their visit.

  • IAEA Delegation of Three Members Ali Boussah, Director (TC-I), Mr. Maurizlo Dondi, Section Head Nuclear Medicine, Mr. Minh-Long Nguyen, Section Head, Soli Crop and Water Management visited INMOL on 05-07-2013.
  • Members from IAEA OIOS Mission Mr. Ronnie Mac Pherson (Evaluation Officer), Mr. Jan Sefranek (Auditor) visited on 24-04-2014.
  • Sri Lankan Delegation of three Members under supervision of Dr. R L Wijayawardana, Chairman, Sri Lankan Atomic Energy visited INMOL on 15-11-2012.
  • Daud Muhammad, Deputy Director General, IAEA visited INMOL on 12-12-2012 and inaugurated new RIA and Radiology Departments of INMOL, which is equipped with state of the art equipment and designed with future requirements.
  • General Muhammad Tahir, DG Intelligent, Col. (R) Murid Hussin, DD-II E&A and Mr. Amanat Ali Advisor E&A visited INMOL on 20-10-2014.
  • Muhammad Tauheed, Dy. Director, DMIS and Mr. Tariq Abrar, P.F, DMIS visited INMOL on 11-02-2015.
  • PNRA Safety Team visited INMOL on 24-03-2015.
  • Worthy Chairman, PAEC along with Member (Science) visited INMOL on 19-05-2015.
  • General (R) Muhammad Tahir, DG Intelligence and Maj. General Iftikhar Aamir, DG Intelligence (Designate), SPD visited INMOL on 20-05-2015.
  • Oscar E. Acuna, Section Head, Division for Asia and The pacific department of Technical Cooperation, IAEA visited INMOL on 10-06-2015.


World Cancer Day

INMOL has arranged one day seminar on World Cancer Day on 04-02-2014 at INMOL Auditorium.

Gynaecological Cancer Symposium

INMOL  has arranged one day symposium on Gynaecological Cancer  on 21-06-2014 at Faletti’s Hotel

Mammogram Day                      

INMOL has arranged one day Seminar on Mammogram Day on 25th October, 2014 at INMOL Auditorium.

INMOL and Patient Welfare Society of INMOL has  arranged Hope Day for Cancer Patients on 25-03-2015 at INMOL.

World No Tobacco Day

INMOL has arranged one day seminar on World No Tobacco Day on 30-05-2015 at INMOL Auditorium.