IMDC appreciates and accredits PM&DC house job regulation

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IMDC appreciates and accredits PM&DC house job regulation

The Pakistan Medical and dental Council has received an over whelmed recognition on its credit for implementing new regulations regarding house job and internship in hospitals. The Irish Medical Council Ireland and General Medical Council U.K has appreciated the new implemented house job regulation in Pakistan by Pakistan Medical and dental Council through an SRO 2016.

Prof. Dr. Shabir Lehri, President PM&DC while talking to media told that the GMC,UK and Irish medical Council has accredited the PM&DC house job regulations which will consist of residential, full time and structured and based on 4 modules of 3months each. He added that the 1st module will be done in medicine, 2nd in medical allied departments, 3rd shall be done in general surgery and 4th Module in surgical Allied departments.

He also added that the GMC and Irish medical Council has also agreed to accept the Pakistani doctors house job trainings equivalent to internship in Ireland and U.K. Those doctors who have already completed their house jobs in Pakistan under the 2016 regulation shall not have to repeat house job in UK and Ireland. Furthermore, with the efforts of the Council, PM&DC has managed to bring betterment and progress in medical dental profession in Pakistan nationally and internationally. He said that the Council is leaving no stone unturned to make Pakistani doctors known worldwide. He said our new regulations are in line with international standards and practices regulating in well trained, skillful 7- star doctor. Keeping in view the improving standards of medical dental practitioners globally PM&DC is trying to make Pakistani doctors at par with the standards of foreign medical dental practitioner in developed countries.

He said that several innovative steps have been taken by the Council including improving the standards of medical and dental colleges. He said surprise visits and monitoring is being done to ensure implementations of PM&DC regulations and penalties are being imposed on medical and dental colleges who are violating PM&DC rules.