First kidney transplant centre launched

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First kidney transplant centre launched

The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has launched its first kidney transplant centre in Karachi for which an awareness event was organised attended by different nephrologists, dialysis centre managers of Karachi, general physicians and endocrinologists of as well as recently treated patients of the kidney transplant centre.

The purpose of the event was to increase awareness about the comprehensive kidney transplant services available at AKUH and to develop a relationship with dialysis centre managers and Nephrologists.

To enhance the knowledge of patients regarding Kidney Transplants and to answer related queries, the experts at AKUH presented a detailed presentation highlighting some of the main concerns patients have regarding pre and post kidney transplants. The team advised patients to consider getting a transplant before opting for a dialysis, as it is believed that kidney damage tends to get worse as one shifts to dialysis.

“Dialysis is an option, but life is difficult and there may still be many problems involved. With a renal transplant they would be as normal as any person and can lead a normal life.” said Dr. Kunwar Naveed, Consultant, Nephrology.

The team at the Aga Khan University Hospital only advises patients regardingthe correct path of treatment after proper examination.At the event, a former Kidney Transplant patient from Balochistan, Gang Ali who was treated atAKUH spoke. “I travelled to different countries to explore the option of kidney transplant, but no other hospital could satisfy me or make me believe that the transplant decision was right. The team at the Aga Khan university hospital is always available at any hour of the day to assist. I urge all dialysis patients to consider the option of kidney transplant at the Aga Khan University Hospital.”

The organisers said that the Kidney Transplant Programme at AKUH is for every suitably qualified End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patient, irrespective of ethnicity, geographical or socio-economic background.

“AKUH offers generous Patient Welfare and Zakat to financially support those who are eligible. Each year the Hospital spends over USD 20 million on Patient Welfare reaching over 700,000 people,” he added.

“Most transplants in this part of the world are performed by Urologists, but here at the Aga Khan University Hospital, along with the multi disciplinary team and myself, a Kidney Transplant surgeon, make sure we provide the patient with the care they need Why is it important? It improves the quality of life,” said Dr Jan Ringers.