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Expert highlights mental health issues

By Dr. Abdul Hameed Memon, Chief Psychiatrist (R), Govt of Sindh & Incharge Pre-Conference Workshop & Sessions, Quaid-e-Azam Medical Centre, Hyderabad

Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) hold its 22nd National Psychiatric Conference in the historical city of Hyderabad. The Conference was held under the supervision of renowned psychiatrists including Dr. Abdul Hameed Memon, Dr. Darya Khan Leghari, Prof. Moin Ahmed Ansari and Dr. Ghulam Rasool.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Promotion of Mental health-building partnerships’. The aim of the Conference was to gather mental health professionals on a platform to explore new avenues of mental health promotions and alliance with all the stakeholders in order to develop a broader and stronger framework leading to a state of the art service provision, academic excellence, and research culture enhancement.

Chief Guest Senator Dr. Karim Khawaja (Psychiatrist) informed the participants about government policies for betterment of patients. He also shed light on Sindh Mental Health Act 2013, passed by Sindh Assembly. Prof. Bikha Ram, Vice Chancellor, LUMHS Jamshoro talked about the policies of the University for the Betterment of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Prof. Syed Haroon Ahmed, Prof. Mawadat H. Rana, Prof. Micheal Crawford, Prof. Ahmed Ali Khan gave keynote lectures.

At the inauguration ceremony, the welcome address was delivered by Prof. Moin Ahmed Ansari, Chairman Organizing Committee, Prof. Nasar Saeed, Prof. M. Iqbal Afridi. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Darya Khan Leghari, Secretary Organizing Committee. Earlier, Prof. Badar Junejo inspected and observed the conference and scientific sessions.

This academic event was started with pre-conference workshops. The first pre-conference workshop was held at Sir C. J. Institute of Psychiatry. The 2nd pre-conference workshop was arranged by Prof. Moti Ram Bhatia at Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences. Prof. Moin Ahmed Ansari was the chief guest whereas Dr. Aater H. Rajput was its working Secretary.

A workshop on ‘Coping Nursing Stress’ working and serving Psychiatrically ill patients was discussed under supervision of Dr. Abdul Hameed Memon, Incharge pre-conference workshop. During the Workshop, Chairman Dr. Abdul Rauf briefed the participants about duties of psychiatric nurse for the patients.

An workshop titled ‘Pakistan Psychiatric Society & Mental Health Charter’ was started by Dr. Qader Bux and Dr. Shoukat Nawaz chaired by Prof. Ahmed Ali Khan from UK (Graduate of LUMHS) and Co-chaired by Dr. Ahmed Hameed Memon (Ex-Chapter Chief Sindh), Pakistan Psychiatric Society. During the workshop, difficulties faced by different organization like PPS, WPA and others were discussed.

A Workshop was conducted by learned Prof. Ahmed Ali Khan from UK on ‘Qualitative Research in Psychiatry’. He talked about the importance of research throughout the world. He also gave guidelines for research proposals. Chairperson Rtd. Chief Psychiatrist of the hospital, Prof. Abdul Hameed Memon briefed the participants about research being conducted in the hospital.

A Workshop on ‘Love you zindage by Lt. Col. Dr. Nadeem Ahmed was very interesting conducted by Dr. Fahal Ul Zain. The workshop was less scientific then political. During the workshop, speakers talked about two political figures (against one and in the favour of other). There were interactive discussions with the participants.

Prof. Imtiaz Doger, Prof. Mowedat and Dr. Nighat Haider talked about the Journal of Pakistan Psychiatry Society and guided the junior for way to publication of their articles.

Motivational session by Dr. Anam Najam was very encouraging titled ‘Sittaron se aaghe jahan aur bhi hai’. A full session of Sindh Mental Health Act 2013 by Prof. Syed Haroon Ahmed, Senator Dr. Karim Kowaza and Dr. Rubina Qidwi was arranged and Sindh Mental Authority was discussed in detail.

Prof. Saleem Ud Din Rashid talked about ‘Management of Depression, Medication, ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) and Psychotherapy. He stressed on proper selection of drugs, proper dose for proper duration.

Prof. Unaiza and Prof. Iqbal Afridi were panelists for free paper sessions. Another scientific workshop ‘How to do research and get it published in limited times resources’ was chaired by Chief Psychiatrist, Dr. Ajmal Mughal, Chief Sindh Chapter, Pakistan Psychiatry Society.

Workshop on ‘Suicide Prevention’ was facilitated by Dr. Gill Green who came from UK. He talked about joint role of family and community to prevent suicide. It was chaired by Prof. Mawadat Rana who pointed out the role and responsibility of psychiatrist and psychologist to prevent suicide. A workshop on ‘The role of lipid in brain development learning and cognition’ was also held. The speaker includes Prof. Micheal Crawford.  Prof. Unaiza Niaz talked about ‘Role of culture on women’s mental health’. Panelists for above three sessions were Prof. Khalid Mufti, Prof. Ahmed Ali Khan, Prof. Abdul Malik Achakzai and others.

Two sessions on children ‘My body belongs to me & handling bullies & bullying in class’ were discussed by Ayesha Minhas and moderator was Dr. Athar Raza. Prof. Imran Chaudhry from Lahore talked about ‘Fundamentals of qualitative research’. It was a lovely lecture by very learned person.

Session on ‘Cognitive dysfunction in depression’ was given by Prof. Fareed Aslam Minhas. He talked about different depressive symptoms including dysfunction of memory, intelligence, attention and concentration. Workshop on ‘Medical leadership’ was discussed by all learned professors including Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Prof. Salma Shaikh, Prof. Nasar Saeed, Prof. Abdul Aziz Leghari and Prof. Afzal Memon. Prof.  Afzal Memon was chief speaker on ‘Forensic Psychiatry’. The moderator of this very important workshop was Dr. Aatir H. Rajput.

Workshop on ‘Psychosexual disorder’ was mainly discussed and explained by Prof. Majid Ali Abidi and Dr. Hina. Dr. Abdul Hameed Memon was Chairman of the session. Prof. Raza Ur Rehman discussed about ‘National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys of Pakistan’.

Dr. Wash Dev, Assistant Professor, LUMHS conducted session on Drug Addition. It was totally community orientated. Prof. S. Tipu Sultan spoke about ‘Forensic Psychiatry, medico legal cases, crimes, patients rights, advocate, courts and role of police. Psychiatrist Dr. Jamil Junejo who is dealing all the cases of forensic Psychiatric patient of the hospital also attended the session. The penalists includes Prof. M. Riaz Bhati from Lahore, Prof. Micheal Crawford and Prof. Afzal Jawed.

Prof. Maher Khan talked about women domestic violence beating, yelling, rugering, usually be husband or inlaws. Prof. S. M. Sultan talked about ‘Early interventions in psychosis’.

The welcome address was given by Prof. Moin Ansari and Dr. M. Ramzan Maher who gave the recommendation to government psychiatrist at every district level and availability of psychiatropic drug there. Later, shields and awards were given by Prof. Malik H. Mubashir, Prof. Afzal Jaweed and Prof. Moin Ansari. Then vote of thanks by Dr. Darya Khan Leghari. During the conference, more than 30 parallel workshops and lectures were held.