Clinical Microbiology handbook published for Medical Laboratory Professionals

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Clinical Microbiology handbook published for Medical Laboratory Professionals

The book, Clinical Microbiology, published from Islamabad, has been received well by the academics and professionals in the field of Clinical Microbiology. The book provides the background for the techniques, tests and stains commonly used in the clinical microbiology laboratory. Each chapter has been made as self-contained as possible to achieve flexible organization.

Usman Waheed, Advisor American Society for Clinical Pathology

[ASCP] and the lead author of the book, told our correspondent “A major goal of authoring such a handbook is to provide students and professionals a balanced introduction to all major areas of the subject. There is a tremendous need for a technical handbook that bridges the gap between academic coursework and the clinical testing performed in the laboratory. The Clinical Microbiology is such a handbook which serves as a primer to those training in microbiology. The book is now included as a reference manual in the some of the reputed medical colleges of the country with its first edition already sold out showing the interest of students and professionals. The book has also been acknowledged by the experts from international community including Prof. Ronald Brown of Shanghai Medical University, Dr. Ralf Knels, Germany and Dr. Patricia A. Tanabe, Vice President American Society for Clinical Pathology, who has very kindly authored the foreword for the book”.

Clinical Microbiology handbook is a suitable text for students from a wide variety of programmes including allied health sciences, biological sciences, nursing, dentistry and medicine. The book is suitable for courses with orientations ranging from basic microbiology to applied microbiology. This book is distinguished from the already existing books in its way of narration, even very complex topics are described in such an explicit way that students would feel ease in reading and comprehension. One of the leading microbiologists of country, Prof. Khurshid Ahmed, Scientist Emeritus National Institute of Health and Consultant Microbiologist, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, has highly rated the endeavor and recommends it as the most appropriate book for clinical microbiology students.