Call to raise awareness related to girl’s hidden health issues

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Call to raise awareness related to girl’s hidden health issues

An awareness Seminar titled ‘Red Talks’ aim to raise awareness related to girls hidden health issues was organized by Kuch Badlain Foundation was held recently at Lincoln Corner Liaquat Memorial Library, Karachi. It was largely attended by college, university students, house wives and working women.

The speakers includes Sara Shabbir, Assistant Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, The Recovery House, Dr. Syeda Sadaf Akber, Microbiologist, Aalima Syeda Sadia Saeed, Shumaila Kausar, Women Health Educator, Dow University, Civil Hospital & HANDS, Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Saud, Lecturer of Physiology, Pakistan Central Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital and Abid Beli, President Kuch Badlain Foundation.

Komal Siddiqui, Founder of Kuch Badlain Foundation said that menstruation is considered in many families a taboo topic which cannot be discussed or mentioned as any other health topic. Women have important role in the society. They are playing their vital role in economic activities too. We have started this series to educate school and college girls to manage their menstruation cycle more hygienically and productively.

Speakers also highlighted this topic in the light of medical and religious perspectives and said that menstruation was the natural phenomena and girls shouldn’t feel shy to share problems with their mothers. Nowadays girls feel depressed when menstruation cycle starts which can badly affect their health. Mothers should educate daughters properly about the hygiene process be adopted during this cycle. No dirty cloth piece or any other stuff should be used. Use of hygiene pads is advised only which might be costly for many families but it is very important for girls’ health, they stressed.

One of speaker referring a report told that more than 75% females don’t have enough education about hygiene process during menstrual cycle which is the major cause of vaginal infections and can lead to removal of ovary.

During menstruation, women should take proper nutrition and especially use of milk is appreciated to boost their energy, experts said.

In the end of the seminar, participation certificates and shields were also distributed among the participants during this seminar.