Book published for Medical Laboratory students

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Book published for Medical Laboratory students

Usman Waheed, Technical Advisor, Safe Blood Transfusion Project has authored a book titled “Practical Haematology & Blood Transfusion” that is meant for the medical laboratory students and practitioners. The book, published in Islamabad has been received well by the academics and professionals in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT).

Mr. Waheed, who has been previously teaching haematology and transfusion medicine at College of Medical Technology, PIMS told the correspondent of Medical Review that, “A major goal of the book is to provide to students a text that describes and illustrates the basics of laboratory testing in haematology and blood banking in a concise, user friendly and interesting manner. It is a fact that there is dearth of suitable training material and standard books are either not available or inaccessible to most of the practitioners and students involved in the field of laboratory medicine in Pakistan.  The students find it hard to have handy information available on the subject. 

“This book is a small effort to fill up the gap. I have tried my best to incorporate the most important topics which would be useful for students from examination point of view” he said. He further elaborated that this manuscript will be helpful for all beginners, practitioners and students who are involved in day to day testing in blood bank and haematology laboratory and want to build up basic concepts. Dr. Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Programme Manager, NBTP, Dr. Fouzia Sabeeh, Course Coordinator, CMT, PIMS and Project Director Husaini Haematology & Oncology Trust, Dr. Sarfraz H. Jaffri have highly rated the endeavour and recommend it as the most appropriate  book for laboratory students and practitioners.