10 percent of Pakistanis suffer from diabetes

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10 percent of Pakistanis suffer from diabetes

Overeating, lack of exercise and stress are the major factors for causing diabetes. Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan has revealed staggering 16.98 percent prevalence of diabetes as 35.3 million people among the adult population are found diabetic in Pakistan. The latest data of 2017 belies the old figures of 6.56 percent of diabetes prevalence affecting just 7.6 million people in Pakistan, which is mentioned in the International Diabetes Federation 2017 Atlas.

These views were expressed by experts including Dr. Yusuf Kamal Mirza, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital and Dr. Asim Jamal, General Manager and Managing Director of Sanofi Pakistan while speaking at a Seminar jointly organised by Sanofi Pakistan and Alliance Francaise Karachi on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day. France Consul General, Didier Talpain and Alliance Francaise, Director, Gilles Pascal attended the Seminar besides medical practitioners, students and members of the Alliance Francaise.

Dr. Yusuf Kamal Mirza further informed that according to WHO, 10 percent of the population is living with type two diabetes in Pakistan it has become all the more important for people to recognise the significance of exercise, healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular screening to prevent diabetes or the onset of diabetes related complications. The importance of early diagnosis and appropriate management of diabetes through a healthy lifestyle and adherence to prescribed therapy in order to avoid complications. The importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and managing diabetes, he explained, “The pancreas is a part of our digestive system and produces insulin and other important hormones that help in the breakdown of food. The failure in producing insulin leads to diabetes. Lifestyle modification plays a vital role in managing and avoiding the risks of getting diabetes.

Dr. Asim Jamal, General Manager and Managing Director of Sanofi Pakistan highlighted the issues related to diabetes management. He said that Sanofi’s mission is to support people facing medical challenges such as diabetes and other health problems and become a health partner and therefore our vision is to empower life.